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Attention Licensure Boards and Employers:  CDR has developed a web-based method for Licensure Boards and Employers to verify credentialed status for credentialed practitioners.  For more information click here .
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Are you looking to purchase a list of RDNs or RDs and/or NDTRs or DTRs in your area?
Please visit the CDR website at http://cdrnet.org/mailing-list-label-rental-for-credentialed-dietetics-practitioners/ for more information.
1The CDR database may reflect a primary and a secondary address. This system will search the database using the primary address. If you enter a state of residence or country that does not match our primary address, you will receive a message indicating "the state does not match primary address." You must contact the CDR office at 1/800-877-1600 extension 5500, to resolve this issue before taking any action.
For military addresses (APO, DPO, FPO) please select "USA"